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I am excited to share a month of card making with the Cricut Joy and my card svgs! Yes you can use any Cricut, not just the Joy. I love creating cards with the Joy because it is so so cute and fun to work with.

Yes, I have been teaching Cricut classes for years and this is always one of my favorites. My Card SVGs have been around for a bit. I used to call them "embellys" because they started out as embellishments but they have grown into card svgs now.

Every day, starting tomorrow, a new card svg will be shared in this classroom !

I hope you will love these as much as I do. Grabbing my favorite Stampin' Up! supplies, my Joy and of course brand new card svgs, a month of Cricut Joy is underway!

I have been using a planner for years! Just one a year but it has helped keep me organized, accountable and present. Classes were scheduled and students organized with dates, mailings and fun stuff. Vacations, haircuts and oh the coloring appointments but also dreams and goals and things that inspired me were part of my planner.

Sometimes life just doesn't make sense and it hits hard.

As our family traveled the cancer journey alongside Meg, plans were left unfilled and my planner no longer made sense. There was no planning, just reacting. This was the story for everyone in my family. Holidays came and went.

As 2024 was approaching, I ordered my new planner but it has been in the box. The plans we thought would happen, are not happening. I am now the mom of a 35 year old widow and my role as the fixer of all problems is gone. Losing Meg has hit us all extremely hard as I reflect on the days a month after her funeral. Each of us has our own healing path.

But for me, I need to plan to LIVE. Meg reminded us to just breathe and to live life everyday. I am going to do that. It is going to take a little bit of work, ok alot! and I need to take action.

Schedules and to do lists are good but dreams and goals and special events to look forward to are even more important.

Shhh...I have been an online Cricut teacher for years, svg designer, paper crafting scrapbooker and card maker too.. years I tell you! I have a secret dream but its not secret as I am sharing it here with you now. Ok not a dream to take on the world, just a simple dream to design and share my planner sticker sets. Yikes, now I said it and yes, I am making this happen. I need to simplify my life and focus on the projects that bring me joy.

My 2024 planner is going to help make this dream come true and help me get my focus on goals and dreams and yes plans. I have set up a new Facebook group for us to share planning ideas and struggles.

Looking for a way to get back on track and sailing off to a desert island is not an option, come join us!

and I love Erin Condren Life Planners. Ok I only buy one a year ... I am not that over the top!

Over the past year, my life took several twists and turns and many of the plans were thrown to the wind! As I try to get back into the swing of things, I have found my planner to be a warm fuzzy spot. I have used others stickers and always thought about learning how to create my own.

Now is the time! I have jumped into this new adventure with both feet. My Etsy shop will be ready to share next month and I am loving this creative journey. Let's Plan Simple!

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