You watched the start up videos and you are in a ga-jillion Facebook groups and followed the big names in YouTube...

So why is so frustrating when you sit down to create a layout or a simple card? Why doesn't the Cricut do what I think it should? My favorite line from my students "you don't know what don't know!!" If you are not "cricut-ing" every day or every week even, it is hard to remember all the tiny details that make this fun.

And this is the reason I am so excited about the launch of Lets Learn Cricut Subscription Box! Just enough to help you Cricut more often but not get overwhelmed delivered in an organized and planned step by step. Your one stop for paper crafting with your Cricut. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

and paper crafting is different than the vinyl projects that most people focus on. There are a few tricks that paper crafters need to know. That is where I come in! Paper crafting with the Cricut is my specialty!

My 5 Best Kept Secrets about Design Space

  • Use the blue mat for best results and flip the mat over after cutting so you peel the mat away from the paper, not peel the paper off the sticky mat.

  • Try to stay with one cardstock company (I am a Close to My Heart fan) Once you know how that paper cuts with your Cricut and what setting you need (I use Medium Cardstock always), it will be so much more fun! Not all papers are created equal!

  • A sharp blade is really your best friend! Use the Premium Fine Point Blade for best results.

  • Stick with Cricut Fonts for best results too ... not all fonts were created to be used with cutting machines.

  • And finally .....

Understand the basic terms: WELD - ATTACH - GROUP and know when to use them

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Ready to add photos...

Yes I Scrapbook Simple! I love to have my photos be the stars of my pages, and I am not a fan of measuring and cutting lots of tiny pieces either! I use Simple SVGs and let my Cricut do the cutting. These Simple SVGs help with layout too making it easy to place on your background paper.

Why do I scrapbook?

Lets Learn Cricut Subscription Box includes a weekly scrapbooking simple page idea and title prompt. But, I thought I would share a sample here. If you order the Subscription Box, you will receive one of these each week to help you get a start on a scrapbook layout this week.

The weather channel has named this storm "Izzy" so here comes a SNOWDAY and lots of snow photos!

Click here to try this Simple Title

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I am saving you a spot. Hugs, Cara