Is paper crafting a part of your life?

Deciding to purchase the Stampin' Up Starter Kit is an exciting decision!

Did you know that when you purchase the Starter Kit, you actually earn a 20% discount off EVERY purchase

for the next 3 months? In fact, it's actually longer than three months. 


What’s In A Starter Kit?

Anything you want! Yes, REALLY! For just $99 (FREE SHIPPING too!!) you choose up to $125 of ANYTHING. 


What's the CATCH? 

Really, no catch! The only requirement to remain an active Demo is to buy or sell your quarterly minimum, $300. And as a new Demo, you actually have until the following quarter to meet it.   And what if you don't meet it? You just become a customer again and lose the discount. That's it! But, I have a feeling you will love the benefits so much that you will never want to let that happen! 

Do I have to run a business, make YouTube videos or hold classes?  Nope!   If you want to purchase the Starter Kit just to enjoy the discount- great! You get all the benefits but don’t have to actually run a business. But, if you want to run a business, you can and I will help you all along the way.  

There are many exciting perks when you purchase the starter kit and become part of Stampin’ Up 

  • 20% discount 

  • Potential to earn up to 38% of your sales

  • Early and exclusive access to new products

  • Opportunity to earn free product through various incentives

  • Qualify for cash bonuses, free product, incentive trips and more

About the Starter Kit:
 The Starter kit is a fabulous deal! For only $99, you get:

  • $125 worth of Products - You choose, whatever you want !!

  • Free Paper Pumpkin Kit

  • Free Shipping - Who doesn’t love free shipping?!?

Ready to get started? Sign-up today to start enjoying all the benefits!
Have more questions? Please give me a call or send me a message I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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