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You asked me ....

How do you combine your love of Cricut and Simple Stampin' and more importantly WHY???

Yes, I am a bit different than many other online Cricut teachers and Stampin' Up! demonstrators. I actually think I am alot like you! I bet your crafty life includes many different projects. Cricut die cutting came into my life over 10 years ago. I was teaching board book classes (oh I still love mini albums!) and looking for ways to make kits easier.

I found Stampin' Up! a little over 3 years ago looking for just the right paper for my Cricut to cut. They were a perfect combination! But for a little while I thought that I had to be like everyone else and focus on one or the other.

BUT ... I have discoverable these two favorites of mine DO go together just like peanut butter and jelly!

Sometimes it is sticky but we love how simple things are! The Explore, Maker and Joy Cricuts are perfect to help you create some fantastic spaces to add your stamps and inks and designer papers. Yes we are "Better Together"

Not a Cricut user (ok not yet... trust me I thought that too!) but still love to make cards? Well, please stick around. I offer non Cricut options too. But if you are a frustrated Cricut owner that would like to be a Cricut User (yes they are different!) please let me help you fall in love as I have. Hugs, Cara


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