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Yikes, choosing photo mat colors!

ok ok I know this part is hard!! It is hard as a layout designer too, for different reasons. I really want you to use the layouts that you cut and assemble using my project designs and I need to be sure your photos look good on these layouts, no matter what colors I choose. This week has been a week of discovery!

So, of course you can use ANY color you want to cut the Design Space layers... I am not looking over your shoulder!!

But I am creating these layouts with white photo mats and a black shadow layer.

I am such a HUGE fan of the double matted photos that I of course include that option in all my designs.

The purpose of these double mats is to showcase the stars of your layouts ... YOUR PHOTOS!

If you choose to skip the black shadow layer, it is super easy. Just click the eye next to the layer and "hide" Cricut will just skip that layer when it gets to cutting! Of course you can cut that layer out of another color.

You can even use pattern paper if you wish but again, I love the classic look of the black matting.

To create 3 two page layouts using my Design Space Project files, you will want to have:

Watch for the launch of all new scrapbook tutorials launching this week! I am so excited!

Wanna try a free one and see how easy these are? CLICK HERE


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