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Why take a class? Just use YouTube

Yes, YouTube has lots of information and can be really helpful. There are limits tho and I bet you have experienced them.

  • Are the YouTube videos current? Design Space is updated so often so what you see in the video may not be what you see on your screen.

  • Takes time to find the answer to your question

  • And for me (and from the comments from my students) the biggest drawback to YouTube is not being able to ask YOUR question and answer YOUR situation. The video usually stops just short of solving my problem or tells me some of what I needed to know but not all.

So ok ... why pay for one of my classes that I have priced from $10-20 and $35 for my weekends?

  • My classes are taught live and recorded so you can ask YOUR questions and get YOUR answers.

  • You don't know what you don't know.

  • It is hard to search YouTube if you are not sure what you need to know.

  • Classes include printable notes to help you remember the important details.

  • Project classes included custom SVGs

  • All classes are recorded and downloadable.

  • You always have access and can watch as often as you wish.

  • and the bottom line ... we have fun!


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