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Why Simple Scrapbook?

Oh these faces! Love being their Mimi!! A few years ago I knew there had to better way. So many of us sit down with a pack of photos (or actually a phone full of photos!) pretty papers and scrapbook sketch collection. Now what? I added my Cricut to the mix and Simples were born. These Simple SVGs combine layout sketches and photo mats all in one. So much easier! No more struggling with where to put stuff, keeping it even and lining things up!

We were chatting in Facebook about whether scrapbooking was a dying no no was the convincing response. Kathy said " I find it relaxing and exciting at the same time" and Susan shared "I love it when my boys pull out the scrapbooks I’ve done to show someone. They love them. That’s why I do it!!!" So many of you have such warm fuzzies when you think about scrapbooks and I am delighted. Scrapbook Simple is my focus and I hope you will join us and share your memories too. Join me Monday nights at 7pm eastern and see what this is all about on my Facebook Page.


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