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What makes me different ...

yup ... it's that I really like to teach about Design Space and Cricut and I have been doing it a long time.

As long ago as Baby Bugs and cartridges, this crazy Cricut has been a part of my business and my classes.

Tonight's Facebook Live pushed me over the edge ... I so wanted to use my Cricut to add to my cards I was sharing and I have been struggling with sharing this. I have been trying to shhhhush that voice in my head that says just do it... bring the Simple SVGs for cards into these classes.

As much as I try to convince myself that I don't "need" to use a Cricut to make a card

.....(and I don't!) ....I really love the combination of paper, stamps, ink and CRICUT. I know just as many of you that watch me for Cricut tips, there are as many that wish I would stop talking about this crazy machine!

It is a tool ... just like a trimmer, or manual die cut machine or even a punch. Adding a Cricut, especially the Cricut Joy (it's price makes it that much more affordable!) and the size makes it a great tool to add to your card making.

OK time to stand firm...

Yes, I am a card maker and yes I love to use ALL the tools including the Cricut.

What sets me apart from other Stampin' Up! demonstrators is my love of Cricut. Many of my mentors have tried to tell me to leave my Cricut and move on to just paper, stamps and ink...and as many of you know I have tried several times. I can make cards without my Cricut and I enjoy them BUT in my heart, I am dying to show you the card I would have made, if I brought my Cricut along!

So I am going to stop ignoring that voice that says "Hey a Simple SVG could really step this card up a notch!" and I am going to allow myself to add an SVG to my card making every now and then. If you are not a Cricut user (yet) you can still follow me during Facebook Live Card Classes and use the techniques and ideas I share even if you don't cut the shapes with a Cricut. We are all paper crafters and love playing with paper, stamps and ink ... and some of us love our Cricuts too! Hope that is ok with you and you will join me on this journey, doing what I really love and not what I think I "should" do.

Hugs, Cara


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