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What is it you do these days?

I teach simple card classes to help people make cards and share my Stampin' Up! store favorites.

Six months ago, life thru us a curve and I stepped away from Stampin' Up! thinking it would be less to deal with. Boy was I wrong. I missed it so much... the friendships, the support from my stampin' community and of course the card making. I was kind of scattered and not sure what I wanted to do. ( I think my social media was kind of a reflection of the inside of my head ... all over the place lol!!)

A friend sent a Stampin' Up! card and I realized what was missing. I returned to Stampin' Up! that day.

I pulled out my Stampin' Up! supplies and sat down to make a card yesterday. I wasn't sure how it would go but it was exactly as I remembered.

Follow my Facebook Page for live classes or watch the recordings on my YouTube channel.


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