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What is a Whisper??

haha let's step back in time! This is one of my first Whispers... my little booklet of notes to help you remember the details I teach in my Cricut classes. Yes back in the day, they were printed and mailed to you! Oh the number of holes I punched. Why are they called Whispers? Well my idea was that these little guys were like I was sitting next to you whispering in your ear "remember? this is what I said in class."

Today, I still have these as part of all my classes. I take notes on my lessons, making sure you have the important details. They are now downloadable as files and you can print them if you want. Still the same as me whispering the important things to remember.

Do you have any of the original Whispers? I would love to see your collection! Take a photo and share in our Facebook VIP group here Not in the group yet, oh please join us!


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