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What do I need to make cards?

Ok Cara, maybe I want to try a card or two?

If you have ever looked at a paper crafting aisle at the store, you probably just turned around and walked away...I sure did! Let me help.

To start any new hobby, you have to gather a few tools and supplies. The choices are overwhelming and you want to be sure you have what you need. There are card making kits, but I am more a diy crafter.

What do you need to START making cards? (trust me there are never too many supplies) but there are some basics that will make your new hobby way more fun. You have heard me say paper, stamps and ink many times so yes that is true but....

You will need: card stock, envelopes, stamp bundle, block, ink, trimmer, snips, adhesive and VOILA!

Order these from my shopping site here and I will send you an assortment pack with coordinated pattern paper and cardstock to create 10 cards to add to your starter supplies. Oh, maybe you don't need all of these? That's ok. Place a $50 order from my shopping site of your choice and I will send you the pack. email me your mailing address so I can send your pack.


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