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Wanna learn about Stampin' Up Ink Pads?

Remember Whispers are my cheat sheets to help you remember the important details.

•Flip Top designed to be stored upside down

•Firm Foam stamp pads with fast drying, dye-based ink designed to be re-inked

•Firm foam pad lasts longer than felt pads and provides exceptional ink coverage, especially with solid-image stamps

Apply ink with re-inker. Cover the ink pad and then using the back of a spoon or even your bone folder, press the ink into the pad.

Stampin’ Up! Ink Pads are designed to be stored flat with the ink itself upside down. That keeps ink at the the top of the pad when you are ready to stamp.

Pinterest has many wonderful storage ideas too!

I use Stamp n Storage Ink Storage and I am still updating my ink pads to the new 2018 Ink Pad Design. So I still have some of the older style too.

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