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Using embelly SVGs

I often get questions about SVGs and wanted to share a few tips here.

  • First, an SVG is a file that tells your Cricut where to cut. Not so scary right?

  • Next, not all SVGs are created equal! I am not here to tell you about other SVGs.. just mine!

  • embelly svgs are "safe for beginners" and fun for experts!

  • embelly svgs are NOT ZIPPED. What does it mean if you find a "zipped svg" It means it was compressed in order to be a smaller size file to send to you. embellys are itty bitty and don't need to be zipped.

  • Each computer may have settings that help or confuse you. Let's look at that.

The trickiest part of this is remembering WHERE YOU DOWNLOADED YOUR embelly?

So you purchased an embelly svg from me (blushing ...awww thanks!) now what?

  • you will receive an email with the download link

  • Make sure I am not in your email's spam folder ...yup that has happened!

  • When you click on the download like, your computer may take over! You want to be sure that your computer is allowing you to save your embelly svg where YOU want.

  • It may be auto downloading to a specific folder (usually a download folder on your computer)

Here is what Safari looks like. Open Safari and click on GENERAL and then the FILE DOWNLOAD LOCATION and I recommend Ask For Each Download. Phew now you are in control!

Google Chrome is my default browser and here is where you find downloads.

UNDER SETTINGS you will see advanced. Eek yes you can click on that!

and there you can choose Ask where to save each file... YES! now you are in charge!

I recommend a specific embelly svg folder or a USB Drive so you can stay organized. Yes you are now an embelly collector! I told you they are like potato chips and can't stop at one!

Ok now you have downloaded and YOU KNOW WHERE your embelly is! That is the hard part :)

Open Design Space on your computer (you can not upload an SVG to the mobile app. You can use it once you added it to Design Space but you need to upload on your computer)

Choose UPLOAD and BROWSE where you saved your embelly svg. (Yes! that is the hardest part) and click on that embelly svg and open.

You can name the file here and also add any TAGS (what are those??) they are words that you might use in the future if you are searching for this embelly later. So in this case you might say EMBELLY, CARD, HELLO, WAVE CARD.. see what I mean?

It will show up down at the bottom of the page along with other SVGs you have uploaded. Click on it and INSERT.

TA DAAAA ready to cut! I hope this makes embellys less scary and you are ready to join us here in the embelly fan club. Yes !!


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