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The Joy of Making Cards

In a world of text messages and Facebook posts, the art of making handmade cards might seem like a lost tradition.

1. Creative Expression:

One of the most beautiful aspects of card-making is the opportunity it provides for creative expression. Are you an "artist" or a complete beginner? Card makers can be anywhere in between!

2. Personalized Touch:

When you make a card by hand, you're not just sending a piece of paper; you're sending a piece of your heart.

3. Stress Relief:

The act of creating something with your own two hands can be incredibly calming. This is such an escape!

4. Connection:

In our digital age, receiving a physical card in the mail is a delightful surprise. It's a tangible reminder that someone cares about you. The joy isn't only in making cards but also in the smiles they bring to the faces of those who receive them.

5. Community and Learning:

Yes! My Stampin' Up! community is one of the main reasons I returned as a demonstrator. I missed the gathering of my card making friends (yes online gatherings are still fantastic!) and the chatting and sharing while we create simple cards to share.

In a world that often feels detached, making cards is a heartwarming way to connect with others. So, if you haven't tried making your own cards yet, now is the perfect time to embark on this delightful and fulfilling journey. The joy of card making just keeps on giving! I would love to help you get started or find your way back to paper, stamps and ink with me!


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