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Sunday afternoon thoughts

​I am wondering, how many of are you are like me... you LOVE making cards and you LOVE your Cricut but sometimes it just seems like too much work to use the Cricut for a sweet little card.  Yup I said that out loud.  So you grab your trimmer, your Big Shot, some dies and some punches and you are off to make your card.  But oh you miss that Cricut!

BUT, what if I told you that your Cricut really can be part of this card making that we love.  I have been struggling for 3 years to combine my papercrafting loves of Stampin' Up! (pretty papers and inks) and my first love CRICUT!  

First I went COLD TURKEY and put the Cricut away...til I missed her too much.  

Then I tried cards in the usual way ... nope.  So ok Simples and scrapbooks sort of worked but wait what about my cards?  

Ahhh here comes the Cricut Joy... maybe that will do it!! Well I love the Joy (who doesn't love cute lil things?!) but not a big fan of the cut out front cards for everything.(sorry Cricut)   To take a line from the Grinch, "I puzzed and puzzed til my puzzler was sore" and by golly I figured it out!  EMBELLYS were born!

You now think I have lost it.  No no really hear me out.  I have started creating a series of SVGs that are card front sized embellishments that you cut with your Cricut and assemble on your now fabulous cards.  They are sort of like a puzzle cuz they have a place for each piece and they are multi layered so your cards will wow everyone.  They are perfect for using those scraps of gorgeous paper you just can't throw away.  Each layer is no more than 4x6 and yes they even work with the Joy or any Maker or Explore family member.  

These really are fun and quick to create and you will have time to phoof up each layer if you wish with inks and bling and coloring and ... yup all the fun stuff!  Can you tell I feel like I have finally figured out how to have the best of both?  

You can never have too many and they are super affordable (actually one might even say cheap!) They are potato chips... you can't stop at one! Give them a try and I bet you will love them as much as I do.  I hope so! 

Hugs, Cara


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