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Been chatting with Morty this morning..well I am chatting. He is doing what he does best, listening and just looking at me! I am thinking about why I just can't walk away from my Cricut. You must think to yourselves... will she just make up her mind??

I know I know ... I try to stick with just stamping but you know, I am a Cricut-er at heart! This crazy machine and die cutting are such a part of me and have been for so long. I can be all stamping on Facebook but in real life I am creating with my Cricut! When it is time for a birthday party, gifts, home projects is all about Cricut not stamping.

My online retreat was the first time Cricut was not involved and as the weekend ended, I realized how much I missed it! I have to accept that I am a Cricut teacher at heart and lots of other crafts and hobbies can come into my life but Cricut Classes is where I am most happy.

No, Stampin' Up! is not going anywhere. I will still share my love of stamping. But I going to allow my Cricut love to show. Hope I am not making this too confusing and I will try to keep the two a bit separated.

Off to enjoy the fall day.


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