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Scrapbooking with Cricut

I was chatting with a friend today sharing why I this is so important to me. You know I have been teaching Cricut classes for a long time, yes cartridges and Baby Bug long. Many of you have been with me from the beginning.

The reason I learned about Cricut was to create memory books for my then 5 small children. Now they are all grown adults creating memories and families of their own. And when we get together to talk about things they remember growing up, it so often it centers around something in a scrapbook. Many times if we try to remember something not in a scrapbook photo, memories are fuzzy!

Sharing our phone photos just isn't the same as sitting down with a simple scrapbook.

I love that but I also know it can be overwhelming to measure and trim and try to figure out where things go on the blank page. That is where simple svgs come in! Cricut does all the hard work. Just add your photos and you are ready to go.

Our monthly membership JOIN HERE will give you the support and help and tools you need to create your own scrapbooks without frustration.

Join us on Monday nights at 7pm eastern on my Facebook Page


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