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Scan n Cut DX: Lets Talk Mats!

Lets talk about ScanNCutDX and the "mat" issue. When this machine was released in October (and many of the machines that we got from HSN after that too) it was packed with a mat that after a short time (couple of weeks) stopped loading straight. Brother has addressed and corrected this issue but sadly we only complain when things are bad.

If you are still having an issue: 1.) Be sure you have updated your software in your DX (the machine will tell you ...look on your screen and you will see a notice of an update) This slowed down the mat loading and corrects much of the issue. 2.) Be sure you are loading your mat with the edges tight to the guides 3.) Replace your mat and be sure that it is DX mat and the corrected updated mats have blue dot (see the photo)

I just ordered this one from Amazon


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