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Quarantine ... day 3

Yes, I was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 last Thursday. My poor dog groomer who works at a kennel in her own tiny grooming room called me on Sunday. She was feeling bad on Thursday when my two ShihTzus went for their appointment. She thought it was seasonal allergies when I dropped the dogs off in the morning. Now I really do drop off quick because I feel bad that I am leaving there so it was a short 5 minute visit but it is a tiny space and we were closer than 6 feet as I handed her the pups. We both wore masks but ... I got in the car and used my hand sanitizer and went about my day. They were ready 4 hours later and I went to pick them up. I went into the larger kennel area to pay with my credit card. Yes, she touched it and of course so did I. We were both still wearing masks and it was a quick process across a counter... sadly I remember her coughing as she turned away from me. I went outside and back to the small groomer room. I went inside and both my dogs were waiting for me at the door. I scooped them up and went to the car, yes still wearing my mask.

She went to the doctor as soon as I left and had a test. Her results came on Saturday and she called me on Sunday. I have been home since the phone call.

Stressed, I called my doctor's office in the morning and they explained the process. One week from my exposure, I will be tested and in the mean time, stay quarantined. So here I am, waiting for Thursday to go to the drive in test center at the hospital. I am not sick and hopeful it stays that way! I will keep you posted as this process goes forward.

PS I did chat with my vet to be sure the dogs would be ok. He said it would be rare although no one really knows, if they get a respiratory illness I should call him. They are doing fine too.


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