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Pink Dragons

Pink Dragon is home!

It is Grace Kai's Birthday Week! Yes it will take a week to celebrate this fantastic little lady turning three!

As you heard, this year's theme is Pink Dragons! Do you know how hard it is to find a Pink Dragon?? Papa and I put together this amazing find...the perfect wooden castle long before we know this year's theme and kept it a secret (that is so hard for me!) How amazing is that? We have the best present and had no idea. Ok so Mimi decides (after we learn of the Pink Dragon Birthday Party) that is castle dollhouse NEEDS a Pink Dragon. Easy peasy ... um nope! I tried sewing one ... it looked like a pink dachshund. Shopped and shopped... nope. Searched online... nope. Ok off to the dollar store and collected 4 dinosaurs, pink nail polish, glue and wings! Operation Pink Dragon begins.

See those brave dinos in the background? They each donated the tips of the tails to create dragon horns! And Mimi decided this was a ONE dragon castle. So much fun and can't wait to see her face on Tuesday!

Mimi's Tip: Take time to play with Pink Dragons.

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2 comentários

Susan Forman
Susan Forman
23 de abr. de 2018

I love it. You did an amazing job and she is going to be so excited. She is a very lucky little girl to have such a special mimi and papa.


Awesome job well done!! Set your mind to it and you can do anything.

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