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Picking Papers for Scrapbook Simple

So many options, so many colors! Here is a great way to be sure you will love the layout after you are finished. First, think about your favorite outfit. Yes, your outfit. What do you feel the best in? Not necessarily comfort but the colors. If you think about your layout the way you choose an outfit, it isn't so hard. You have heard me say, this really isn't me or I am matchy matchy so I am not really liking this layout. You have to love the the designs and colors so pick what you love first.

Using Stampin' Up! Colors as my guide (although any color chart will work) try to discover which color family is your favorite. Me? I turn to the SUBTLES all the time if I have a choice. And you have a choice! Your Scrapbook Simple layouts really should reflect your style and then you will love it.

So, what is your color family?



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