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On a personal note

I love memory keeping and my Simple SVGs and my Cricuts make that really easy. For the past few months I thought I should focus just on that part of my business and work on building my SVG library

and my scrapbook layouts. I did but in the middle of all that, I also realized that running my own business especially during this time in the world was very lonely.

My customers are wonderful and they helped keep me busy for sure!

But I missed my Stampin' Up! friends and fellow business owners. We say Stampin' Up! is like a family and oh it sure is. I thought going off on my own would be better but I was so wrong.

There I said it... I made the mistake of leaving Stampin' Up! but I am so delighted to say I am BACK and it is like I never left. "I tried the rest and now I am back to the best!"

Why is Stampin' Up! so amazing? It is combination of the products and the people. It is so easy to create and play with paper, stamps and ink when you know they all work well together. Be still my matchy matchy heart!

I am thrilled to return to my roots and bring a little bit of my Cricut love along with me. I will be sure to sprinkle some card overlay svgs in my upcoming classes but not so much that we lose sight of the simplicity of playing with stamps and ink.

Thank you all for following along on my long and winding road as I have found my way home again. I am so thrilled to be sharing the magic of Stampin' Up! with all of you. Wanna join the family? Love to have you!


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