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Oh little Belle

My friends, you know that my Shih Tzus are a big part of my life. To help as my children went off to college, I started my Shih Tzu family. Marley, Gertie and then little Belle.... I had 5 children but stopped at 3 pups! They are the best and I have loved them as part of the family. Over the years, we have had to say good bye, one by one. Marley was with us til he was 17, Gertie til she was 15. Morty then came to live with us 6 years ago with Belle. She was a tiny 7 pounds and as time went on, her favorite spot was on my bed, even during the day in a spot of sun. I knew we were approaching the end but my amazing vet Dr Bo always said, you will know when it's time. Sadly, that time came last week. Belle has been with us for 18 years and saying good bye has been so incredibly hard. I wanted to share with you because I know so many of you have to make the same hard decision too. Dr. Bo also says it is the last act of love you have to do for them. Oh Belle, we all love you and miss you.

Mort is working real hard to fill her space.


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