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O000 2020 Paper Share

Paper Share Spring 2020

  • From My Heart

  • Parisian Blossoms

  • Peaceful Poppies

  • Birthday Bonanza

  • Tropical Oasis

  • *Best Dressed (6x6 so you will get a full 6x6)

  • Country Club

6" X 12" $38 Shipped

Ribbon Share Spring 2020

3/8" Real Red Double Stitched Ribbon

1/4" Petal Pink Metallic Edge Ribbon

1/4" Whisper White Crinkle Seam Binding

1/4" Daffodil Delight Ruched Ribbon

5/16 Braided Burlap

1/8" Mint Macaron Sheer Linen Ribbon

$12 shipped

Please Remember:

It takes several weeks to get your share. I don't order the product until a group is full (paper is 4 people and ribbon is 10.) And, I can't order any of it until January 3rd. Then, it takes a week to arrive to me from SU. It will take up to two weeks for me to cut, sort, pack and ship. Please be patient. I will do them as quickly as I can! I will also email you with updated timelines. I would predict shipping around the third week of January.



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