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Mini Tray

Perfect for mini cookie gifts or goodies! Be sure to join my free classroom here

This mini tray was actually my SECOND project for you tonight. I feel a bit scattered lately and boy oh boy ...I have NEVER done this before! Sooo, I had a project all ready to share with you. I had the tray prepped, the transfer ready and picked my paste colors. I turned on our special lights, plugged in the glue gun I was planning to use ... really I was READY! I set up the cameras, set up my Facebook page and thought I hit the button to go live. I started sharing all the details, telling absolutely all the details. The project went perfectly one was commenting but I thought oh well, maybe no one is watching tonight or they really don't like this tray. I pushed the button to end the live ...and then saw an announcement that I was LIVE on my page. Wait ... no no! Yes, I thought I was ending the live but actually I was starting it.

So I quick grabbed the mini tray and we were live and chalking! All good.

Here is what I THOUGHT I was sharing but nope nope just talking to myself haha oh so silly!


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