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Today I was waiting in the car while my Mom went to her dentist appointment. Yes, I could have gone in but this is one of the few places she can be in charge and do it for herself. Yes I had to drive her there but working hard to help her maintain her independence in the crazy "getting old" world she is in now. I can't imagine the number of times she drove me and waited for me throughout my life and it makes me feel good that I am able to give that back to her now. So there are days that it is hard but there are so many more days that I am grateful to be her daughter. #mom

Mimi's Tip: Take the time to create a cards and say thank you while you can. Don't wait for the holidays. #makeacardsendacard

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Susan Forman
Susan Forman
Apr 05, 2018

Appreciate all the time you have with her. It’s precious


Apr 05, 2018

It really is difficult seeing your parents in a state that you're not accustom to. Jus being there for them when they need it is the best any child can do. I know bout the independence thingy....going thru it with my dad these days. He is very stubborn and wants to continue to do for himself so I jus help him along a bit.


You do great things for many people. I agree our parents helped us through life and I in returned helped mine and wish they were here today.

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