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Meet Mimi

Hi! I am Mimi to 4 fantastic littles.

Everyone told me "Just Wait til you have grandchildren. You'll see"

I thought, well I adore my children and they are my life. How will this be any different? I loved my fur grandbabies ... its the same right?

Oh my oh my oh my ... was I wrong! First came Beau. He is now 3 and showing his petite little sister Robbie how to feed the goats, chickens and tap the maple trees along side Mom and Dad.

After Beau, and before Robbie, Grace Kai arrived. Grace and Mimi spend lots of time together

and last fall Lucy drew joined in our fun!

I am so blessed to have these loves in my life every day and so lucky to be their Mimi ... a sewing Mimi! This is our story.


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