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Let's Talk Scrapbooks

I was heartened to read the warm comments when I asked my Facebook group if scrapbooking was dead. Loudly we said said NO, no, no we love scrapbooking. Some the reasons for folks getting frustrated or stepping away: need too many supplies, frustration about where to start each layout or it takes too long to get the layout set up with the right size photos. Oh but if you are an SVG cutter, I promise you will find the Scrapbook Simple system makes all those problems fade into the background.

It doesn't have to be corny or complicated or frustrating! Yes, I use a Cricut and Design Space™ but you can use and die cut machine that will cut an SVG from a Silhouette or Scan n Cut and even some of the lesser known machines!

Are you ready to give scrapbooking another look and try out the Scrapbook Simple System? Promise, you will be surprised how easy ... ok ok ... SIMPLE .. it is.

So are you ready for me to convince you? Yup I am gonna try!!

  1. You do not to print your photos in various sizes or shapes. You do need to get them out of your phone and simply print 4x6 prints. Super easy! CVS, Walmart, Target, Shutterfly and I am sure I am missing more options let you upload photos using their apps ... right off your phone...and then you pick up that sweet lil packet of memories. Remember how much fun that was "back in the day" to pick up that photo envelope? It is still fun, just alot faster! Free your photos and let them out of your phone. Your new Scrapbook Simple album will be their new home.

2.) You can do it your way. As fancy or as (yup) SIMPLE as your style is. There is no right or wrong way to create your Simple layouts.

3.) You need to save the memories! We fill up our heads with so many details today that you will tend to forget that fun fishing trip you took or playing in the leaves or having an ice cream treat. Your Scrapbook Simple will help you remember and share those with your family and friends.

4.) There is no shortage of fantastic photos! You love to take photos and your phone is right there! Now you have a reason to take more photos.

5.) It really can be relaxing.

6.) Wandering back thru those memories makes you feel good and helps you see how much you have to be grateful for. In this crazy world we find ourselves, it is so good to look thru your happy memories.

7.) Don't try to scrapbook your whole life or your entire photo library. Just try a Simple or two and see what you think. Once you discover your own "style" it will not feel stressful at all.

8.) Grab your Cricut, some white 12x12 cardstock, a pack of pretty paper, Simples and a Simple Tool Kit. Print your photos and curl up with your favorite drink and a movie... ahhhh what a fantastic day. Join our Memorykeeping Facebook Group for ideas too.


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