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Let's look at CTMH Scrapbook Workshop

I was wrong. In the past my Cricut-y brain looked at the CTMH cutting guide and thought oh no, too much for me. I could just use my Cricut. Well I could but lately I am looking for something a lil less techy. Join me as we teach old dogs (ME) some new tricks!

The Enjoy the Ride Scrapbook Workshop was very limited and only available to previous CTMH customers and is now sold out. This month Lake Life Scrapbook Workshop is in my store but again limited to CTMH customers but these scrapbook workshops coming soon ... to all. I decided I needed to give them a try and boy I was wrong. They are really fantastic and help you create beautiful layouts is a comfy cozy way.

You can actually hear the "ahh haaa" in voice as I start to realize how wrong I was!

As promised, here I follow the step by step cutting guide.

I am hooked and can't believe it took me this long to actually try these!

This took about 25 minutes to cut all the pieces for these 3 double page layouts!


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