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Journaling ...ugh!

"I don't know what to say, I don't like my handwriting, I feel weird about sharing all the details"

Ask any scrapbooker, what is the last thing you add to your layout and I bet most will say the journaling! For some reason, we freeze like deer in the headlights when it's time to journal. And yet, that is almost as important as the photos! Let's tackle a few hurdles.

What to say? I like to think about what I would tell someone as showed them this photo. "Oh this is where Grace was trying to get Nana to jump in the pool with her!" If you think of journaling as you sharing the photos on your phone with a friend, it is not so daunting!

Handwriting?? I know I know you work super hard on the layout and it is "GORGEOUS" and then your handwriting "ruins" it. I know I know I have heard that! Ok. First your handwriting is a wonderful addition to the layout and years later will honestly be the part that your family loves but I get it. So here is a sweet trick. Add your handwriting on a secret tab that tucks behind your journaling spot and let Cricut do the writing! This secret tab can help with handwriting issue and also not sharing all the details.

PS I love the way this title worked out. Here is the Design Space link so you can use this one.


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