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It is time for a make over!

No, I am not dying my hair purple or getting a sports car!

although purple hair may be fun too!

But I am going to have some serious changes and new SIMPLER focus in my online classroom and my Facebook Live classes I share. I will be taking a week off at the end of May and having a grand "Ta Daa" ON JUNE 1ST to show off all the new classes ...some mini freebies and other paid classes.

  • My Facebook Live, featuring my favorite Stampin' Up papers and stamps on Simple SVGs for my Simple memory sharing, will now be once a week on Thursday night at 8pm eastern only.

  • I will share lots of tips throughout the week in our Facebook groups and there will always be free files.

  • I will launch 4 Vinyl Project Classes in Design Space with Cricut Explores and Makers featuring custom SVG files each month and one Sparkle month long event too. Yes, these are paid classes that you will enroll in. They are presented live in my private Zoom classroom and recorded so you can watch them as often and whenever you wish.


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Looking forward to it!


Becky Moore
Becky Moore
May 16, 2019

I'm looking forward to June!




This sounds really exciting!!

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