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I used to be a Cricut snob...

and I am not proud of it!

Gathered all my students and shared the Cricut love. I thought why oh why would you use one of these??? I am not sure I said to anyone but I sure thought it.

I was sure that the Cricut cuts were so much better and you were just not a cool kid if you used a hand die cut machine.


There, I said it out loud. This sweet lil machine creates die cuts that are so much more than what the Cricut cuts. They are 2 totally different items.

So now that I have shared that.. let's spend some time seeing what these itty bitty guys can do!


  • The platform is 3 1/2 inches wide and many (ok LOTS) of the Stampin' Up! dies can be cut with this one.

  • Stampin' Up! has sized several embossing folders to fit this one too.

  • Easier to crank even with arthritic fingers (yes yes fessing up to that too!)

  • Sides fold up so it fits on the corner of your desk when you are finished

  • Heavy enough to do the job but not so heavy to carry with you

Each plate is numbered and printed directions right on the front of each plate tells you which ones you need to use.

And the best part?

For the next few days, it is on sale! Join me and of course you also will get my birthday gift to you too. Order here and use Host Code 2HZYZ2Y9

and I will send you a pack of Matte Dots! I love these too.

and all week, I will be sharing cards made with this sweet machine and two of the bundles that are on sale too.

Mark your calendar



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