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I have been thinking

The past few months have been overwhelming and the past two weeks, I heard the message "slow down and take care of you" loud and clear as I came down with Covid and was forced to curl up on the couch and heal.

Not the time to paper craft or Cricut or plan classes or write books.... just rest. Mort spent the days with me as I watched Sweet Magnolias and Hallmark movies...and I thought about what projects I wanted to do when I felt better. The idea of diving right back into Design Space and scrapbooks seemed to be too much. If you saw my live last night, you will see that I tried ...I really tried!

Simple SVG I used can be found here and I was using Cape Cod Digital Art

All I was thinking about was I need to slow things down and keep it simple. I need a break from technology for a little bit. I need some paper, stamps and ink time!

It is time to make some cards and more importantly send cards to those people that I care about and care about me! Some of my friends reminded me what receiving a card in the mail is a warm hug on hard day!


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