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Farewell 2022, time to follow my heart!

Early 2022, the aches and pain and lack of energy were just part of the day. I was overwhelmed, exhausted and flustered with everyday activities and many of you probably noticed I seemed scattered in my online business and really couldn't seem to find my direction. I really didn't think much about it, just thought that was the way it was. I am the caregiver for my mom, wife, dog mom, run an online classroom and mimi to name a few but honestly I wasn't really doing any of them well.

Six months ago, at my annual physical, it was discovered I was diabetic. That was a kick in stomach and the thought of the possible complications if I didn't tackle this really scared me into action. I started tracking everything I ate, counting my carbs carefully. I learned all I could about diabetes, even meeting with our local diabetic educator. I started wearing a continual glucose monitor too. I learned how to changed that every two weeks.

That was a big step too because somehow this made it "real" but slowly day by day, I started to feel better. I was not so tired and my aches and pains started to fade away. The weight was coming off and noticed acid reflux was gone too. I was not so tired and cranky.

And I started to look at my business too. I stopped looking for something or someone to "fix this" and started trusting my heart and my head. I remembered why I started this online business years ago. Now, I literally just look around my office and smile! I had no idea how unhappy I was... trying to do what everyone else told me was the right business decision. I am so sorry that I didn't stay true to me and follow my heart. But thanks to your support I was able to find my way back home. Scrapbook Simple SVGs and CTMH are exactly where I belong.

I am a long time online Cricut teacher and a scrapbooker wanna-be. I started my Cricut teaching traveling to events and crops but soon grew my online classroom. Several years ago, as a new Mimi, I decided to combine my loves, Close to My Heart, Cricut Design Space and scrapbooking, and created my Scrapbook Simple System. There were things about the scrapbooking that I found challenging, like measuring, photo editing programs, matting photos and putting more than one photo on a page. Simple SVGs are a combination of layouts and photo mats all cut my my Cricut ( or any other die cut machine that cuts SVGS). The Photo Cropping Tool Kit makes sure your 4x6 photos can fit the photo mat spaces in the Simple! I pride myself on making the complicated simple.

Some photos show the outward change in me over the past 6 months, but my heart is just as full inside!

and my Christmas gift to me was a Peloton Bike! You are never too old lol

and slowly but surely I am gaining strength and my 3 minute rides are now 10 minutes!

and my scrapbooking simple is so much more fun! I am back in my classroom and offering monthly Close to My Heart classes again too.

It is time for my "One Little Word" for 2023 but this year, it is a phrase... and I couldn't be more excited for what is to come!

Follow Your Heart! Hugs, Cara

Follow your heart!


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