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Don't you love subscription boxes?

Oh I sure do! Getting a special surprise "box" each month is just what I need and I bet you do too!

Well my brand new Cricut Subscription Box ...ok ok this is not a REAL box but it is for sure a crafty gift in your inbox! This subscription "box" is your home base for everything paper crafting and Cricut. Your resources, your support system and your classroom... one stop shop!

You have watched me on Monday nights in my Facebook Live or in my free classroom or even in my YouTube channel. This brand new Lets Learn Cricut Subscription Box will help us Cricut and paper craft together. No more wandering around looking for the tutorial that answers your questions, watching the YouTube video hoping to find what you need or googling googling googling! Each month our Office Hour is where you can ask Cricut questions or share any projects that you working on. And my Lets Learn Cricut Subscription Box will also include two Cricut project classes each month using Design Space.

Favorite student comment "You don't know what you don't know!"

I have taught many many ... MANY Cricut classes over the years but this is my very first subscription box and I am so so excited and can't wait for the launch on February 1st.

So what's this all about? Each month you will log in and head into your Subscription classroom and find:

  • (3) two page 12x12 layouts featuring exclusive Scrapbook Simple SVGs

  • Pre recorded video to help you put your layouts together

  • Access to a growing Simple SVG library for scrapbooking

  • Monday Morning Scrapbooking Prompts

  • Tuesday Title Tips Tutorials (yes say that 3 times fast!)

  • Monthly Office Hour where you can get YOUR questions answered

  • Private Facebook group to ask questions, share and get help when you need it

  • AND enrollment in the 2 Cricut Project Classes offered each month

I have filled this virtual box with just enough but not too much because I really want you to be able to use these Simple SVGs and class projects together with me.

No you do not need to buy special supplies (I bet you have lots of paper) and no I will not be mailing anything to you. I will share what I am using but you can use what you have for sure!

My students know that my goal is to help you understand how to speak "Cricut" so you can make Design Space do what you want.

I am a paper crafter at heart and I really don't like to measure! My Cricut does that for me.


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