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Does your home look like the grinch has been there?

It is pretty and fancy in December but POOF after those decorations are gone, that's it?

Yes!! That was me. I had all kinds of plans to pick a theme each month and add a little something so I didn't feel so blah. Then I would wonder around "Tar-jay" or "the one that starts with H and ends with OBBY" and not really find anything I loved ...enough!

I would watch HGTV and be so jealous wishing one of them would come make my house pretty! Pinterest dreams but never really got the hang of the vinyl, painting, wood, mod podge and samplers. Ya I did them all, alot! But it wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

AND THEN... (can you hear the violins??) ahhhhhhh... I found Chalk Couture and now I can make my own and change things as often as I wish.

If you need tips and ideas to help make your home more cozy and more like you wished it looked, join my free crafty VIP group here and let me help you phoof things up a bit.


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