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Cricut Infusible Transfer Sheets

I have looked at these before, thought I wanted to try but really worried it was tricky or complicated. It is DIFFERENT than vinyl or iron on but it isn't hard and the results are pretty amazing. Let me help you.

First, what do you need?

Choose your design and this is going to cut out just like a vinyl or Iron On.

The sheets are 12x12 and have a muted color (it will get much more vibrant after heating and infusing! Basically, the ink becomes part of the fabric, not just stuck on the top the way iron on does.

MIRROR your design.

Oh so important to remember.

The infusible ink sheet is placed on the green mat with the INK side up. Choose the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet in Design Space.

Here is the cool part!! Do you like to weed vinyl?

It is my least favorite part!!

With Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet you simply bend the backing and the excess peals right off! No tools needed. Apply ink side down to your shirt, cover with butcher paper and apply heat press 380 degrees for 30 seconds. Careful, it is hot. Lift up the transfer sheet.

Notice it looks brownish but after heating it is definitely a deep black and now part of the shirt.

Yes, I am a huge fan and now I am ready to try my hand with a new sublimation printer. Stay tuned!



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