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Christmas Cards!

I know I know it is still AUGUST! But I have to fess up that I thought it was the first day of September when I woke up today. Vermont weather today is sweaters and pumpkin spice! But even it was shorts and flip flops (stick around we are expecting that later this week!)

IT IS STILL TIME TO START THE HOLIDAY CARDMAKING! I have several ways you can join me too. Which one of these fits you?

A.) the week before Christmas, you are searching for cards with your mask on ....that are pretty, on sale, have all the envelopes and you can just sign your name quick!

B.) Imagine it will be a HUGE mess and you will have a Christmas size headache and ... quickly decide to see option A.)

C.) Decide, oh never mind! This will do!!!

No no, not this year my friend. I have you covered! I don't know about you, but I miss hanging out with my friends, chatting and laughing and crafting together. Paper crafters love company.

Here are the details:

Join my ZOOM on Thursday night at 7:30pm eastern and we will create together. Yes, every Thursday night at 7:30pm eastern we will get together with our paper, ink and stamps and create our holiday cards.

Which one fits you?

  1. I want to make what you are making.

  2. I want to use your card as a jumping off point

  3. I just want to hang out with you but I got this and I am doing my own thing.

Pick one! Perfect! On Monday I will post the card, Simple Sketch and Shopping list for the card I am planning to work on Thursday night.

1.) You can SHOP WITH CARA and earn Happy Shopper rewards too.

2.) You can use my Simple Sketch and your stash and enjoy creating with us.

3.) Never made cards before? This all inclusive kit is PERFECT and I will share this on September 10th. You will be so excited to create your own holiday cards this year, no stress and enjoy spending time with us.


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