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Can you really Scrapbook with a Cricut?

Yes! If you start with a Simple SVG, you will have both a layout plan and photo mats ready to build on. Upload the Simple SVG to Design Space and let your Cricut do the measuring and cutting!

Scrapbook Layout with Cricut Design Space
Scrapbook Simple SVG Two Page Layout

This two page layout has spaces for 4 photos! Using the Simple Tool Kit, you can crop your 4x6 printed photos to easily fit these spaces on your layout. The gingerbread men here take advantage of the Cricut's writing ability too! Adding a pen to your Cricut and tell her (yes my Cricut is a she!) where to draw allows you to add the details to your gingerbread men with your Cricut.

Love to do this but feel like you don't really know how to get your Cricut to do what you want? Tired of wandering around Facebook groups and YouTube videos? My subscription box (well it is not a physical box, everything is online in your classroom) but my subscription includes projects to work on together, Simple SVGs to help you get your layouts done and your photos our of your phone, and lots of basic Design Space information and easy to find answers tp your questions.

Join us here!


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