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Are you Cricut-ing with your cartridges?

Is this how you Cricut? Do you feel like no one cares about you anymore? It seems like everyone talks about Design Space and the new machines. Yes, we do! But, I have not left the "Legacy Cricut" (yup, that is what the Expression and E2 are called now) I have not left you out. First, all my older classes I created for those machines are bundles and available here FREE. Be sure to poke around in that classroom. You might find an idea or two.

And, did you know that you can use the Design Space software for free before you even own one of the new Cricuts, an Explore or Maker or Joy. Yes you can! You can even take my classes and learn what you need to do so that when you decide to get your new Cricut (or go to an event ... yes we will go to events again I promise) you will have projects ready to cut! I have a short YouTube video that shows you how easy it us to get this software.

I have a detailed step by step class coming up in January if you want to really master Design Space before you need it. Here is that class CLICK HERE

and I am here to answer any questions you may have. Please comment here. No, I do not work for Cricut.


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