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Are you a frustrated scrapbooker?

So many memories, so many photos. I am going to show my age here but when I started scrapbooking,

we used to pick up packs of photos after they were developed at the drug store! There were 12 or maybe 24 photos and really only 5 or 6 were worthy of a spot on the scrapbook layout.

Today, I may have 12 photos a day on my phone. Scrapbooking is really different these days. I designed a scrapbook system that brought in my Cricut to try to help make things simpler and help get photos into layouts. Yes it works really well. But I will tell you scrapbooking in 2024 is not like scrapbooking in 2014.

I still love it but I know it is different and I am telling you it is ok if you are just not feeling it. I am giving you permission to say I used to scrapbook, but now I would rather make cards.

Some days I say that out loud.

I love love love card making! Still playing with paper, stamps and ink but not the overwhelm of a phone full of photos. Just my paper and adhesive and embellishments, stamping, coloring ...and I can even add a Cricut if I want. I can share with my grandchildren and friends too. Gathering to make cards together is so much fun. So if some days you want to say I used to scrapbook but now I make cards, I am right there with you.


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